Another cat in the box

Tigger has barely budged from the wok box. Even when I need to make room on the kitchen island and move the box to the dining room table, he just remains in the box as I carry it. He also purrs loudly while in the box and seems particularly happy and peaceful.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but Tigger hates Brachtune. After 14 years of living together, you’d think he’d have learned to tolerate her, but he still hates her. I don’t know how anyone can possibly hate Brachtune because she’s the sweetest, most good-natured cat on the planet, but Tigger’s a bit of an egomaniac and only likes himself. Brachtune, on the other hand, looks up to Tigger and often mimics his behavior. So when Tigger took a short break from the box this afternoon, I was only half-surprised to see this:

When Tigger then hopped up on the table and caught her, I was pretty sure he was going to smack her around.

Fortunately, Tigger got distracted by something else and Brachtune then decided that sitting in a box was overrated and got out of her own accord.


Produce and rolls

No recipes tonight, just a photo of Tigger inspecting my haul of produce:

And my homemade kaiser rolls, from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice (of course):

I’ve made the kaiser rolls several times before. They’re so much better than store-bought. Yesterday I made the regular version; tonight I made half whole-wheat. They just came out of the oven though so I’m not sure how they turned out.

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