Other and Fusion

Asian Broccoli Slaw, Marinated Tofu, and Salad Dressing
Asian Mustard Greens with Tofu
Australian Avocado Pizza
Baba Ganoush
“Beef” Stroganoff
Braised Tempeh in a Tomato and Soy Sauce
Chelo Nachodo: Afghani Chickpea Stew with Rice
Foul Mudammas
Greek Seitan and Potatoes with Tzatziki
Harissa-Flavored “Chicken” with Couscous
Japanese-flavored Springtime Quinoa Salad
Jerk “Chicken”
Kumquat Braised Seitan
Lettuce Wraps
Moroccan Meal: Carrot and Chickpea Tagine; Green Bean and New Potato Saute
National Noodle Day Chili Noodles
Polynesian Bake with Green Beans
Quick & Easy Udon in a Ginger-Peanut Sauce
Rainbow Chard Omelette
Rice Noodle Salad Redux
Smoky Herbed Bean Dip
Sweet and Sour Tempeh
Tamarind Rice Noodles with Mock Chicken
Tofu Mark