back in business

If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to access I Eat Food the last couple of days, it’s because my server hosting company experienced an explosion and a fire this weekend that brought down three walls of one of their data centers. I’m sure they are consequently dealing with a huge mess. According to their most recent update, some customers may experience further downtime this coming weekend as they install new equipment, and I’m not yet sure whether or not I am one of those affected. The good news is I’m told no one was injured in the fire, and for now, at least, we’re back in business.

The other good news is that the server being down didn’t prevent me from writing up a couple of new posts this weekend, which I will have up later tonight. In the meantime, you’ll have to settle for pictures of the cats.

Tigger plays with a toy sent to him by his grandmother (my mother).

Brachtune is ethereally beautiful, as always.

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